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Testimony of an African Immigrant

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An excellent resource of inspiration for young people all over the world. It is a story about a young man, Saikou Camara, from West Africa, the Gambia, who persevered through some very difficult times in his early life to becoming one of the most influential young leaders of his generation. The author efficiently addressed multitudes of topics ranging from poverty in the African society, child labor, poor educational systems in Africa, brain drain, the dream of traveling abroad (by all means necessary), illegal migration, his experiences with race/racism, poor governance in Africa, and economic discrepancy. Critics described the literature as an inspirational bible for young people everywhere.



Africa: Through a Mirror

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In Africa: Through a Mirror, Saikou Camara acknowledges that the African has been brutalized, dehumanized and depersonalized by legalized colonial supremacy for over 300 years. In spite of all the injustice, as a born proud African, he makes a call to all Africans and people of African descent to come together and build our continent. He walks his readers around the African continent outlining preventable self-inflicting wounds that can be avoided. He shares the history of inaugural African leaders such as Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, and other prominent African leaders, who worked with other Pan-African leaders such as Marcus Garvey. He also goes further to offer applicable solutions to some of the issues affecting the African continent for a way forward.